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Couples polygraph Turkey. Many times we hear the question if couples submit to a polygraph test? Some people can hardly imagine that someone would actually undergo a polygraph exam to safe a relationship.

This however happens more often than many people might think. We will try to explain the main reasons why people take this step.

Main reasons for submitting to an infidelity polygraph test

There are two main reasons why couples decide to submit to a polygraph exam but the goal with this test is to regain trust.

Normally couples submit to a polygraph test because:

a) Suspicions of infidelity
b) Distrust in someone’s version of facts
c) Prove their fidelity

Polygraph tests for suspicions of infidelity

infidelity in couples

The most common test asked by our clients is to find out if a member of the couple has been unfaithful. This will normally happen after the partner found some kind of indication or information that might have triggered his or her suspicions.

Especially with the new technologies and social media, members of the couple have access to people that they normally wouldn’t. These online relations that can turn into real life relations are becoming more normal and this can also be true for existing couples.

However, this is not always the case and a simple like on somebody’s picture on a social site’s post does not necessarily mean that the person is having an affair with that person.

Either case, the doubt exists and it is sometimes difficult to get on with the couple’s life with this cloud of suspicion. A polygraph test might be the way to solve this deadlock.

Confirm their statement of facts

Polygraph for governments

Also, there might be situations where somebody actually has committed and infidelity and admits this to his or her partner.

It becomes difficult for the partner to trust the facts that the counterpart might give about this possible slip.

Even if the partner is ready to pardon such a behavior sometimes he or she wants to get to the bottom of things and needs a professional to help them certify that the facts stated by the partner are completely true and that for example he or she does not have contact with that third party anymore.

Lie detector test to prove fidelity

A third reason why people ask for a lie detector test is to prove their fidelity. Sometimes one of the partners is tired of being accused of infidelity and to settle once and for all the issue will want to undergo a polygraph exam to prove that he or she is faithful and is being wrongfully accused by the counterpart.

Reasons for couples polygraph tests in Turkey

These are some of the reasons why couples contact Polygraph Turkey to help them solve these couple issues. If you are interested in solving your couple issue do not hesitate do contact us.

For more information about infidelity/fidelity polygraph exams please view the following video:

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