Polygraph or lie detector

The use of polygraph instrument in Turkey

Polygraph and lie detector are commonly used as synonyms. The application of the polygraph instrument in movies and television shows has helped to fortify this perception of the polygraph instrument as an infallible lie detection tool.

Polygraph, lie detector instrument

However, does this correspond to reality, is there something that can really infallibly detect something as complex as a lie?

As you can imagine, the distrust shown by many people towards a “know-all”, “god-like” machine is completely founded. A more profound explanation is needed to explain the process of a polygraph test and why it can be used for the purpose of determining the honesty of a person towards a specific issue.

We will try to explain this within this text.

What is a polygraph?

First of all, what is the polygraph instrument? The polygraph is a medical device capable for registering psychophysiological activity. The term polygraph actually means “poly”=”many”; “graph”=”writing”. It is an instrument capable of registering and monitoring psychophysiological activity of a examined person. This activity should be thee consequence of specific stimuli. These stimuli, normally are questions that are presented to a person.

The polygraph instrument has been developed by different contributors that through the years have added different components to the device.

A normal modern polygraph, used for lie detection, will at least register:

  • Respiratory activity
  • Skin conductance activity (sweat)
  • Cardiovascular activity

The organs that will show changes in activity are monitored by the polygraph sensors who can measure the changes that these organs undergo when presented with certain questions.

We can obtain a “feedback” from the body to certain stimuli, that is why the polygraph instrument is within the medical instruments designed to obtain “biofeedback”.

This biofeedback can actually been measured for intensity and meaning, if generated under the right conditions. When applying polygraph tests for lie detection than the meaning of the reactions that are measured is to examine somebody for the truthfulness or deception to a specific issue.

Why is the polygraph also called a lie detector?

Polygraph instrument

Why is the polygraph also called lie detector or actually in Turkey is known as “yalan dedektörü” or “yalan makinesi”? Well, because the application normally used for the polygraph is for lie detection. That is why the Turkish language has not a real name for the instrument.

However, it is important to understand that the polygraph is a scientific instrument, designed to monitor physiological activity that has it’s origin in the brain. This instrument is for example also used for the treatment of sleep disorders and other diagnosis needed to understand the interaction between brain and body.

However, the most popular application of this apparatus is it’s use for lie detection or confirmation of truth. This is the main reason this instrument is also know as a “lie detector” or “yalan makinesi”.

Is the polygraph actually a lie detector?

Polygraph for governments

Now, is the polygraph actually a lie detector? Well, no, that is not the case. The polygraph is a medical instrument that helps a professional to obtain a diagnosis.

Nevertheless, if used under the right circumstances, by a professional that applies proven techniques, it actually can be used for the detection of deception or the confirmation of truth.

This however, is a process and cannot be minimized by simply attaching somebody to the instrument and expecting the device to give an opinion about somebody’s answers to random questions. This is far from reality of professional polygraph tests.

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