Employment polygraph tests in Turkey

Lie detection in human resources for businesses

pre-employment polygraph tests

Employment polygraph tests in human resources is a widely spread practice, and growing in Turkey. Especially in certain industries the application of this tool to screen job applicants can be vital to maintain their business models.

Security, armored car companies are a good examples of an industry where the hiring of trustworthy personnel is paramount for their survival. The inherent risks that come with the application of their services need to be controlled and their human resources cannot be a source of additional threats.

Pharmaceuticals, utility companies, bodyguards companies, etc. will all fall in the same category and management needs to make sure they can count on reliable personnel.

Polygraph for professional human resources

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Psychophysiological exams for human resources can be the tool that help companies control employee turnover, internal theft, sabotage as well as lowering the risk exposure malevolent employees might pose to employers.

That is why a professional expert in psychophysiology can help design screening tests that help detect those candidates before they can cause harm in a company.

Especially when a company is threatened by the possible infiltration of criminal organizations, a screening process designed to detect these candidates might be the best solution.

What types of human resources polygraph tests do we offer?

Polygraph Turkey applies two types of employee polygraph tests:

  • Pre-employment polygraph tests
  • Maintenance exams

Pre-employment polygraph tests are designed to screen candidates about the information volunteered during the selection process. Make sure that companies are hiring candidates based on true and reliable information.

Normally, a pre-employment exam will analyze aspects like:

  • Academical achievements
  • Labor experience
  • Theft in past professional positions
  • Abuse of companies’ resources
  • Ties to criminal organizations
  • Etc.

Maintenance exams are designed to monitor the employee in the execution of his job. The aspects that a maintenance test will analyze are for example:

  • Internal thefts
  • Sabotage
  • Vandalism
  • Leaking of confidential information
  • Industrial espionage
  • Ties to organized crime
  • Etc.

These programs will depend on every company and industry and are therefore adaptable on a per case base.

There is of course also the question to be asked if these practices are intrusive. To better understand the process please view the following video:

Can pre-employment polygraph tests be applied in my business?

If you wonder if pre-employment or maintenance polygraph tests are the right tool for your company to combat employee turnover, internal thefts, sabotages or curb those losses caused by internal malfeasance do not hesitate to contact us and we will explore together with you how to counter those losses.

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