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Polygraphy and its applications

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Polygraph Turkey offers different services based on very specific skills that are based on psychophysiology. Although a great part of the applications of these skills will be performed and based with the help of a polygraph instrument, psychophysiology can help cater other needs in society.

This is why we offer from normal polygraph exams for the private sector up to training for more advanced entities.

Polygraph tests will normally be used for the private sector, be it for individuals in their daily life issues or for companies that need to tackle a loss or implement a loss prevention program.

Forensic psychophysiology is designed for a more professional client, normally criminal and civil lawyers that need to defend their clients from false or inflated accusations.

Our training services are geared towards professionals that want to improve certain skills, be this human resources, psychologists or professionals working in investigation.

For more information on the different types of services offered by Polygraph Turkey, please visit the page “Polygraph tests”, “Forensic psycho-physiology” and “Training”.

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