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Polygraph test

Polygraph Turkey was created to offer polygraph tests, exams services in the Turkish market.

It is important to understand that modern polygraphy has little to do with the mainstream idea that television and movies might have portrayed to the general public.

Polygraph tests have evolved to become a genuine and reliable solution for different situations in life, be it for companies, individuals or public entities.

Every case will need a different solution, however, Polygraph Turkey applies solely, validated techniques. This means that Polygraph Turkey will perform it’s polygraph exams within the realm of recognized polygraph techniques that not only use a scientific methodology but that are sustained by statistical studies.

Types of polygraph tests

There are different types of polygraph tests that can be used to solve our client’s cases. The trained polygraph examiner will know when to apply the needed technique, sometimes using a combination of techniques to arrive to a diagnosis.

Polygraph tests might be divided into 2 categories:

  • Stimuli tests (Emotions)
  • Diagnostic tests

When performing a polygraph test the polygraph expert might use a combination of tests to verify the suitability of an individual to undergo an exam.

Polygraph entertainment

Stimuli tests are normally used in research purposes, where researchers want to understand the emotional binding of an individual to a certain object. An example could be a market researcher that would like to know more about the emotional feelings that a certain packaging evokes in individuals.

Another application might be for clinical use, for example to test if somebody has hidden knowledge about something although the person says not to remember it.

Testimony diagnosis is what clients normally contact Polygraph Turkey for. There is a need to verify the testimony of somebody, making sure that what the person is asserting can be trusted.

These are the type of tests that the general public will normally think about when referring to polygraph or lie detection.

Within Testimony diagnosis there can again be subdivisions depending on the goal of the examination. There might be a need to broaden the spectrum of a research or to test a very specific accusation. Depending on the objective of the exam, different techniques will be used.

Users of polygraph exams

Who are the users, clients of polygraph exams?

A wide array of clients use our services. There is literately no limitations to the use of our services except for certain groups of society.

Polygraph for individuals

Private individuals, businesses, lawyers, government entities, ngo’s, sportsmen and sports clubs, etc. All kinds of people look for our services and can be serviced by Polygraph Turkey. There are some limitations like for example, minors, pregnant women, disabled people, etc. that cannot be tested under normal circumstances.

Also it is important to understand that every polygraph test is voluntary and any person that does not want to undergo this type of examination will never be forced to do it. However, most of the people that look for our services is because they want to submit to a polygraph test to show their honesty.

Whenever there is a situation of mistrust or there is an augmented need for verification in someone’s testimony, a professional polygraph exam is the most reliable solution.

That is why private people, companies, local, regional and national governments, lawyers, psychologists, etc. look for our skills to take better informed decisions.

How does a polygraph test work?

So, how does a polygraph test actually work?

There are different types of polygraph exams as mentioned before and a stimuli test is different than a diagnosis examination and can therefore have a different methodology.

The diagnosis polygraph test, the service that is mostly demanded by our clients, normally follows the following steps:

  1. Case study
  2. Definition of case objective
  3. Signing of consent form
  4. Explanation of polygraph instrument and test phases
  5. Pre-test interview
  6. Registration of physiological data
  7. Physiological data analysis
  8. Post-test interview
  9. Elaboration of written polygraph exam report

Steps 2 to 8 will last approximately 2 – 4 hours. This means that the actual polygraph exam will last between 2 to 4 hours.

Case study will either happen before the start of the polygraph exam but can also take several days, all depends on the case.

Finally, step 9 the elaboration of the written polygraph exam report can also take several days, depending on the type of test that has to be performed.

Normally, Polygraph Turkey will produce the written polygraph test report within 24 hours of the termination of the polygraph exam. If it is a special case like for example a forensic psychophysiological expertise we will inform you about the planned duration of the written report.

For more information about our polygraph test service please contact us.

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