Polygraph for government entities in Turkey

Lie detection applications for government

Polygraph for governments

Polygraph tests have been used regularly by government entities. Turkey is not an exception and be it through collaboration with other international agencies or through direct application, polygraph tests are being applied in and by government agencies.

Although this has normally been the case in security departments, more and more agencies understand the utility of such a tool to improve the service to its citizens.

Government entities using polygraph tests

The government agencies that normally use lie detection tests are in the security entities. Intelligence services, police, counter-terrorism, army, drug force.

Depending on the sophistication of the different departments, they will have their own polygraph examiners or use experts from other departments or even international organizations like NATO.

Intelligence services normally use polygraph tests for human resources management, to make sure that the agents are reliable and have no ties to foreign adversaries.

Police, that normally also have the tasks assigned of drug enforcement, criminal organizations fight will use polygraph exams to make sure that they are using resources effectively.

Oftentimes, police also applies polygraph screening tests during selection and maintenance programs of its own human resources.

Finally, the army that also has intelligence tasks will use polygraph exams to screen it’s human resources.

Polygraph applications in government agencies

Polygraph forensic psychophysiology

Government agencies use polygraph tests in different fields depending on the sophistication of the services.

The most used application of polygraph testing in government agencies is as a screening tool. As a matter of fact, government workers, active in national security matters oftentimes undergo polygraph examinations either to join an agency or submit periodically after joining the agency.

Intelligence agencies are the most prone to use this tool but other agencies also apply this scientific methodology to help manage risks.

Another example might be the police departments that apart from using this knowledge in their own human resources, also can use police polygraph experts to help with criminal investigations.

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