Polygraph tests for companies

Small, medium and big companies and the use of lie detectors

Polygraph for companies, businesses

Polygraph tests, exams, for companies, corporations and sole proprietorship. It is paramount for companies, specially in a modern economy to have a tight grip on expenses, waste and losses.

Too many times, companies fail because of internal malfeasance. It is therefore important that management understands the risks they are confronted to and make sure to hire and maintain reliable skilled professionals that help grow the company. This, however, is not an easy task and too many times companies discover in the brink of bankruptcy that internal misconduct is the reason to their financial distress.

Prevention is oftentimes cheaper and safer than curing the problem. That’s why many companies implement pre-employment polygraph tests to filter candidates that have a track record of misconduct.

Certain situations might also happen within a company that need to be investigated and solved. Internal theft, sabotage, vandalism, power abuse, etc., all circumstances that can have an impact not only on the bottom line of a company but also create toxic work environments. These situations are oftentimes tough to deal with for management, especially if it has to “play judge” among his employees. This responsibility can be burdensome and oftentimes management looks for the help of professionals to help obtain a clear understanding on the truthfulness of the parties involved.

There is an array of cases that companies have to deal with in which Polygraph Turkey can help. Do not hesitate to contact us if your company has a recurrent problem due to internal misconduct.

Lie detection solutions for companies

Lie detector tests for businesses

Why is lie detection in companies an issue? Companies are complex organizations that due to their contribution to society, sometimes are involved in situations that need extra scrutiny.

Be it because these companies are the keepers of shareholders value or because their services, products can become targets of civil or criminal exposure. It is paramount for these companies to make sure that any internal misconduct get exposed and solved.

That is why companies look for lie detection solutions to help them solve these cases that occur and need to be solved to combat impunity.

Types of polygraph tests for companies, enterprises

There are different types of polygraph tests that are normally applied for companies, enterprises. Depending on the issue the company would like to solve several solutions can be offered.

Pre-employment or maintenance polygraph tests are a possibility. We will deal with this solution further down.

It is in special cases where companies are hit by a loss that apparently has been caused by an insider that our services are needed. A broad collection of situations are possible but the most dealt with are:

  • Company theft
  • Industrial espionage
  • Blackmail
  • Sabotage
  • Vandalism
  • Bullying
  • Sex abuse
  • Power abuse

If your company suffers any of the above mentioned cases to not hesitate to contact us.

Pre-employment polygraph exams

Interview human resources

Pre-employment and maintenance polygraph exams in companies are normally part of a conscientious human resources policy. Especially companies that deal with high value assets are prone to use this type of program.

The pre-employment polygraph test happens during the selection or recruitment process. This happens before the candidate is officially hired by the company. Businesses use this service to screen people for possible deception during the selection process. Human resources want to make sure that the candidate has been honest about his or her capabilities and experience.

Pre-employment polygraph test

A pre-employment, recruitment or selection polygraph test normally covers the following areas of the candidate:

  • Academical achievements
  • Labor experience
  • Theft in past employers
  • Misuse of company’s resources
  • Involvement with terrorist organizations
  • Ties to organized crime
  • Etc.

Maintenance polygraph exam

Polygraph tests in hr

In the execution of an employee’s tasks there might be situations where the company wants to make sure that the employee is complying with different kinds of internal policies. These policies can be specified in documents like work contract, non disclosure agreement, ethical policies, internal rules and regulations, etc.

This will change from company to company but normally a maintenance polygraph test will deal with areas like:

  • Leaking confidential information
  • Internal theft
  • Misuse of company’s resources
  • Industrial espionage
  • Ties to organized crime
  • Etc.

Is polygraph the right solution for my company?

A polygraph service can be of great help to solve certain issues in a business. However, it is important to understand how it can be applied and if it’s use can be the solution for a company’s problems.

Therefore do not hesitate to contact us to explain your specific issue so that we can analyze together if we can be of any help. Consultation is of course free and confidential.

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