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Forensic psychophysiology to defend form wrong accusations

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Polygraph tests for lawyers in legal cases. There is an eternal debate going on about the use of polygraph exams in legal cases. Is it legal, can it be used? This is a question that needs a more balanced explanation from a legal but also technical point of view.

The truth is that worldwide polygraph tests are used in legal courts and that in Turkey there is no reason for it not to become a tool to achieve a fairer trial.

We will try to explain how a polygraph test can be used by lawyers to defend their clients in civil, criminal but also other courts.

Polygraph tests for lawyers

Lawyers have to understand and interpret each case. There is no such thing as a template that can be used for every case. Certain cases however are tougher to defend than others, especially when there is no physical evidence to help prove somebody’s innocence.

Cases based on pure testimony are more and more frequent and the credibility of the testimony is basically the main accusation but also defense argument.

It is therefore interesting for a lawyer to have access to an independent party that can scientifically verify the testimony of his defendant so that the lawyer can better evaluate the defense strategy to use.

Polygraph use in criminal cases

Polygraph criminal justice

Polygraph test use in criminal cases in Turkey is not a common practice due to the lack of polygraph experts but also due to a lack of informed lawyers.

It is therefore interesting for lawyers to learn more about how psychophysiological experts can help defend their clients. Especially in sex or domestic violence cases where physical evidence is hard to obtain, malevolent accusers might put their clients in unbearable and tough to defend situations.

Our forensic psychophysiological tests follow scientific methodology to obtain reliable and valid results about someone’s testimony. This is achieved through a scientifically based opinion about someone’s truthfulness or deception.

Our forensic psychophysiological exams are specially suited in cases like:

  • Sex abuse
  • Rape
  • Domestic violence
  • Human trafficking
  • Homicide

Polygraph exams in civil cases

Polygraph exams in civil cases is also possible under the right circumstances. Civil cases are even more prone to the use of polygraph since many of these suits are started on the basis of an accusation of possible damages.

Sometimes however these accusations are based on tempered evidence, produced by the accuser to get back at the alleged perpetrator.

An independent expert can be asked to investigate if the supposed losses have been self-inflicted or are based on real damage.

As mentioned, every case is different and if you think that you need to certify an action or testimony, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Are polygraph tests legal?

Legal polygraph exams

Polygraph tests are not illegal in Turkey, meaning that they can be used to defend someone. It’s acceptance lies like with every kind of evidence in the founded opinion of the judge.

It is important to understand that producing an evidence in your favor can be an extra tool to make your argument.

Even if polygraph or forensic psychophysiology is not regulated in the Turkish law system, the right of defense is broadly interpreted and normally every party is free to present any evidence it considers important for fortify its argument. It will be up to the juror to estimate the merit of such evidence.

If you want to know if a psychophysiological exam could be the solution to defend your wrongly accused client do not hesitate to contact us. Our communications are confidential and the consultation free.

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