Polygraph tests for private people in Turkey

Lie detector applications for private individuals

Polygraph for individuals

Polygraph tests for private people in Turkey. Private individuals have the most variety of needs when it comes to polygraphy. These clients have to take all kinds of decisions, be it on a family, economic, or sentimental base.

There are situations in life where an individual has to take life changing decisions. Although the direction of those decisions will depend on each individual and the diagnosis can be interpreted differently, it is paramount that the information is transparent and true.

This is why in certain circumstances, individuals will search for the help of professionals to help them obtain or at least analyze the information they are basing their decisions on. Polygraph Turkey is the partner that shines the light on the data available.

Polygraph tests for private individuals in Turkey

Polygraph private people

What kind of polygraph tests are performed for private individuals in Turkey? Often, when a specific solution is not common in a market, people tend to wonder in what circumstances it is applied. The question is understandable and the answer not always easy to explain to a layman. Our services are needed when trust issues arise.

Whenever somebody doubts a testimony, declaration, version of somebody else, a polygraph test can help minimize those doubts. This can be true in all kinds of situations but normally individuals ask for our services for:

  • Infidelity in a sentimental relationship
  • Adultery suspicions in a couple
  • Prove fidelity in a relationship
  • Theft within friends or family
  • Prove the truth of a statement
  • Employment of domestic employees
  • Sex abuse outcries, accusations in family
  • Legal cases
  • Etc.

There are all kinds of issues that individuals want to solve and therefore need a trusted partner to deal with these matters.

It is important to mention that all our services are strictly confidential and that we are bound by client privilege.

Types of lie detector exams performed for individuals

Lie detector test private

There are different types of polygraph tests that are applied by our experts. Depending on the case our experts apply the most appropriate technique.

Polygraph exams for private people are normally lie detector tests, where somebody doubts the verbal statement given by a third party. We then apply, “specific polygraph exams” that are designed to obtain a diagnosis about the degree of truth or deception of an individual.

However, in certain occasions, we can also apply “screening polygraph tests” for private clients, when for example they need to select among different candidates to be a domestic employee.

How to hire a polygraph exam for private people in Turkey?

If you are thinking about hiring, contracting a polygraph service or doubting if this could be a solution to your problem, do not hesitate and contact Polygraph Turkey.

We will study with you if we can help solve your problem or help you to find an alternative. You can contact us, without any obligation to the phone numbers found at the bottom of this page but also by clicking on Contact Information.

We are also available on WhatsApp and Telegram, as well on social media like Facebook or Instagram.

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